Police Officer’s Wife Filmed Attacking Airport Security in Indonesia

The 46-year-old Indonesian wife of a high-ranking police officer was apparently so appalled at being asked to remove her watch and place it in an X-ray machine that she attacked aviation security officers.

The woman’s daughter was seen trying to stop her.

Joice Warouw, who is married to an Indonesian Police Brigadier, was being investigated by police after the incident at the Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado in North Sulawesi. The National Police have also gotten involved, confirming that the woman in the video, Joice Warouw,  is the wife of a police general. “Yes, that’s (the wife of) Brigadier General Sumampouw who’s assigned to the National Police,” said National Police spokesman Setyo Wasisto.

Indonesian Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said he regretted the assault, and the woman will be legally pursued.

The alleged victims of the attack, Jemy Hantouw and Amelia Magreani, have been interviewed by police.

According to police, two reports were filed against the woman, one by the security officer who was slapped as seen in the video, and by another officer who was hit in the arm, an incident which was not captured on film.


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