The Best Things About Bali… for Surfers

The Island of the Gods is still guaranteed to be one of favourite surf destination for surfers. It is exotic, tropical, the eating and drinking establishments are fantastic and the Balinese are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Plus, it is still one of the most inexpensive vacation spots on the planet. There’s also so much more to Bali than that.

Padang Padang is the jewel in Balinese surfing’s crown. Photo: Iuri Borba

Here is a short list of the Best 5 Things About Bali… for surfers that have been compiled by

1. The waves. Bali has an incredible number of surf spots. From the world-class left reefs like Uluwatu, Padang and Bingin on the Bukit peninsula, and the high performance East Coast rights at Keramas, Sanur and Serangan. There’s also the fun performance oriented high – tide beach breaks at Kuta and Seminyak, swell magnets like Canggu, and quite escape options like Balian and Medewi. No matter what your skill level, you are guaranteed to find a wave suitable for your level and mood.

2. The accommodation. Bali is built around catering to a tourist’s every need. This includes places to stay. There is something for everyone, from budget beach bungalows to seaside surf camps to luxury 5-star resorts, and they are all endowed with that unique Balinese charm.

3. The culture. The Balinese culture is unique on this planet. Traditional dancing, music, painting and a local version of the Hindu religion are the four cornerstones of the Balinese way of life. The Balinese place great importance on offerings and praying to the different gods and other divinities, which inhabit the island. All of these cultural aspects of day-to-day life in Bali are tied together by the many ceremonies and festivals you will witness once you’re there.

4. The nature. You will quickly become acquainted with Bali’s beautiful beaches, but there are many more natural attractions than just the sand and the sea. From the volcanic mountains, including Gunung Agung or Mount Divine said to be the sacred home of the gods and goddesses to the divine lakes such as Batur nestled into the craters of extinct volcanoes to the luscious tropical forests in the Bali Barat National Park there is enough nature in Bali to keep you enthused for a lifetime.

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