Worsening Traffic in Legian, Kuta Draws Complaints

Badung Transportation Department receiving many complaints from the public, as the traffic in Legian, Kuta, Bali becomes increasingly worse.

Photo source: sewamotordikuta.com

The Authorities is now working hard to find a solution to remedy the situation.

I Wayan Riasa, head of sub-district Legian Kaja I, remarked that he had suggested changing the traffic direction to Head of Department of Transport in Badung region, but haven’t received any response.

“We were actually wondering about what they think of our suggestion,” said Riasa. “This is a very serious matter. The traffic does not only affect people’s activities but also the tourism sector.”, as quoted from Seminyak Times.

Number of intersections have contributed to the many traffic problems along Jalan Legian, the main one being the aforementioned intersection.

The Head of Traffic Division from the Transportation Dept, Tofan Priyanto, said he and his team are currently conducting a technical study to solve the problem.

According to Priyanto, the suggestion given by the locals is inapplicable due to the alternative roads are too small. “We still have not found the right solution to deal with the traffic jams in Legian,” he said. “But that does not mean we are not doing anything about it. We are still reviewing our options.”

He added that he will work closely with the local councils as well as public figures to formulate the best solution.

Source: seminyaktimes.com


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