Bali Jail Escapee Shaun Davidson is Still in Indonesia

A search for Australian prison escapee Shaun Davidson is underway on the border between Indonesia and East Timor, Bali police say.

Davidson pictured in 2016. He has been on the run for more than 50 days. Source: AAP

Bali Provincial Police Chief Petrus Golose said Davidson is still in Indonesia. “The Australian has not yet (fled out of country) and is still in Indonesia. (He is) the focus of a search on the border between Indonesia and Timor-Leste.” he told reporters today, as quoted from News Australia.

Davidson, 33, from Perth has been the subject of a manhunt after he and three others allegedly escaped Bali’s Kerobokan prison on June 19.

Since Davidson’s escape, Interpol and Bali authorities have been the target of constant jibes over his ability to remain on the run.

A Facebook page under the name “Matthew Rageone Ridler” — purported to be the page of Davidson — posted a photo of an airline seat earlier this month, stating: “Another day another country and check out my leg room hahaha enjoy life”.

However, despite checking in at other countries, which anyone can do, he has provided no proof and posted no photographs of himself in any of the locations he claims to have travelled.

Most recently Davidson checked in at Cafe Luna in Barbados, stating: “Dinner time I’m starving”.

Earlier in the week he appeared to taunt his pursuers, posting: “Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man”.

Davidson was serving a one-year sentence after being convicted of using fake documents, including another man’s passport.

Two of the four men who escaped, by tunnelling out via a disused sewage drain on June 19, have since been captured and have been denied sentence remissions for the next year.

Davidson would have been eligible for release last week had he not tunnelled his way out of Kerobokan prison.

Davidson will face a longer term when he is arrested.

Kerobokan Jail Governor Tonny Nainggolan revealed at last week’s Indonesian Independence Day ceremony inside Kerobokan jail that if Davidson had not escaped from the prison in June he would have been eligible to be freed.

“If Shaun didn’t escape he may have been freed today,” Mr Nainggolan said.

Indonesia’s prison system has come under increasing scrutiny following Davidson’s escape and last month’s discovery of 1.2 million ecstasy tablets, linked to a prisoner inside Central Java island jail Nusakambangan.

– AAP, News Corp Australia Network


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