Bali Prison Escapee’s Shaun Davidson Taunt Authorities With Another Facebook Post

Bali prison escapee Shaun Davidson has taunted the authorities with another provocative Facebook post.

Davidson, from Perth, has amassed somewhat of a cult following on Facebook since his escape, where he taunts the police about not having yet caught him.

Shaun Edward Davidson, 33, broke out Bali’s notorious Kerobokan prison on June 20 through a tunnel burrowed underneath the jail walls and has been on the run from authorities since.

Davidson, from Perth, has amassed a cult following on Facebook since his escape, where he taunts the police about his fugitive lifestyle.

“Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man,” he posted on Tuesday.

The post was met with an outpouring of support from his more than 6,000 followers. “Keep ’em guessing mate,” one man said.

“Please don’t get caught, I am your big fan,” another said.

Davidson tunnelled out of the overcrowded Bali prison with three other inmates in June. Two escapees were caught within days, while Davidson and another man remain on the run.

Since his escape Davidson has continued to taunt the police with bizarre and provocative Facebook posts.

Davidson also created his own ‘wanted’ posters offering a ‘huge reward’ award for his capture.

In the posters, which were met with a huge amount of support from his followers, he called himself a ‘gangsta, hustler, outlaw, ladies’ man and hide and seek champion’.

Davidson has also made a series of posts on Facebook claiming to be in various exotic locations across the globe.

“Living the dream,” he wrote in June, claiming to be in Amsterdam.

He also went on a bizarre rant in early July.

“I’m a real life action movie star, nah I’m just normal b, there ain’t no way a penitentiary is every holding me from Oz to Bali, Amsterdam to Germany, you better believe it when I say my life is no lie. I’m sipping on this cocktail on the beaches of Dubai [sic],” he said.

Balinese authorities said in July they were ‘close’ to finding the fugitive.

After the announcement, Davidson messaged Interpol, the world’s largest police organisation, asking them how close they really were to catching him.

“How how’s it going, just wondering, when you say close, how close are you really?” he wrote.

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Source: / Kate Darvall For Daily Mail Australia


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