Foreign Tourist Arrested at Kuta Post Office, Trying To Pick Up Hashish Package

National Narcotics Agency Bali Province (BNNP) arrested United States man, identified by his initials CB, while picking up a package containing hashish-type drugs at Post Office, Sunset Road, Kuta, Bali last week.

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The package, which had been marked from the sender as “pick-up at post office” had been flagged since arriving in Indonesia, so officers were monitoring it, waiting for someone to take it, says BNNP Superintendent Ketut Arta, Coconuts Bali reported.

“In the package there was containing narcotic type hashish, weighing 5.71 grams,” he added.

Meanwhile, the 32 year old man has been secured at BNNP Bali.

The officers are also conducting an investigation to reveal the origin of the package and related network in which is came from.


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