German Father and Daughter Drown While Surfing Near Uluwatu, Bali

Two German tourists –a 46-year-old German and his 19-year-old daughter, have drowned tragically off Nyang Nyang Beach in Pecatu, South Kuta on Thursday, August 3, 2017.

Photo: Ravael Saputra

Ismail Gocmen and his daughter Perin Gocmen were surfing at 4:00 pm when they were caught by a large rolling wave that resulted in their drowning. The bodies of the two were quickly recovered and brought to shore, Bali Discovery reported.

The Father-Daughter was staying at Villa Bombora Surf Camp on Padang Padang Beach in Pecatu, South Kuta in the company of Zoehre Gocmen (40), the sister of Ismail.

The tragedy unfolded when Perin Gocmen disappeared beneath the surf. The girl’s Father attempted to save his drowning daughter, dying in the process.

Zoehre Gocmen who was helpless to prevent the death of her elder brother, Ismail, or her niece, Perin, witnessed the entire incident from shore. The woman raised the alarm with lifeguards on the beach who found the two bodies less than a half-hour later only 200-meters from shore.

“When the Balawista team arrived at the site, the female victim was evacuated to the beach and tried to be given first aid by other tourists but the relief effort was unsuccessful, the victim was dead,” said Wayan Somer, Balawista Rescue Team Sector Uluwatu.

Twenty minutes later then the victim body’s Ismail Gocmen found and evacuated to the beach.

Both bodies were sent to the Sanglah General Hospital for forensic examination.


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