German Tourists Who Fell into Mt. Agung’s Crater in Bali Rescued

A German tourist fell 15-meters down a ledge into the crater of Bali’s Mount Agung on Thursday, August 3, 2017, at around 6:30 am.

Photo: BP/kmb

The bruised and contused German together with two companions were discovered stranded on the inside face of the crater by I Ketut Dana, a 30-year-old mountain guide from the Village of Sogra, who heard a noise coming from inside the volcano that he thought emanated from a goat. On closer examination, however, he discovered the injured German unable to climb back to the crater’s edge.

Torge Zense (17), began climbing the volcano at 2:00 am in the company of two companions, Ride Samuel (17) and Fransiskus Borrman (19). They were warned before starting their climb to use a local guide, but dismissed this advice and commenced the climb on their own.

When they reached a height of 2,843 meters above sea level, Torge Sense slipped into the crater. His companions entered the crater and tried to help, but ended up also being caught in the crater and unable to climb out.

When the local guide found the three at 6:00 am, he informed his fellow members of the guide association who dispatched a team of 40 guides to the location as Search and Rescue officials also rushed to the scene.

When Torge Zense was hauled out of the crater he was conscious but had wounds to his head, knee, and wrist.

He was taken to the BaliMed Hospital in Karangasem for medical treatment.


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