Iberia Airlines Destroys Three Of Natxo González’s Boards in Half

Natxo González was en route to Chile for a massive swell, toting a quiver including a 10’4”, 9’6”, and 7’4” to surf with Kohl Christensen. But after arriving in Chile, González opened his boardbag and found destruction; the three boards were snapped with near surgical precision, Surfline reported.

Photo: @natxogonzalez1 / Instagram

“10’4, 9’6 and 7,4. @iberia Have you thrown them from a seventh floor? Not easy to break this kind of boards….” said a puzzled Gonzalez in an Instagram post earlier today with a photo of three boards broken in half.

In another post, Gonzalez explained that he was traveling to Chile for a contest at Punta de Lobos. “This is how the boards came out…” he said. “Thanks @iberia!”

According to Iberia’s baggage policy, passengers are entitled to compensation when luggage is damaged in transit. The policy reads, “Rights to compensation are applicable up to the limits of responsibility established in this section, on a basis proportional to the hardship suffered, unless the air carrier took all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or it was impossible to take such measures.”, The Inertia reported.

It remains to be seen if Iberia will offer Natxo Gonzalez any sort of compensation for what looks like someone ran over his board bag with a truck. Until then, expect Iberia to deal with the firestorm of Instagram comments that seems par for the course in instances like these.


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