Incident in The Mentawai: What Really Happened With The Starkoat

The recent ill-fated Starkoat charter-trip has generated plenty of chatter. We went straight to the source and have the facts for you:

Photo: Padang Ekspres / jpnn

The trip started out like any other: eager surfers and a boat stocked to the brim with everything your heart can desire when you’re surfing your brains out in the idyllic Mentawai islands. After a couple of days of living the dream, the wind picked up to 45 knots in the evening and dragged the boat onto the reef with a dropping tide, damaging the hull. Those onboard luckily had ample time to collect their possessions and safely make it to land. As there were no other boats in the area of The Hole, they spent the night near the village on the island.

Come morning the crew took the speedboat and met the Ratumoto, whose Captain, demonstrating the camaraderie that exists among the charters in the region, rescued the marooned Starkoat crew and guests. The very next day, another boat arrived to pick up the adventuring sailors; The Mentawai Surf Charters company worked some serious magic to collect their guests who then went on to enjoy the last 8 days of their trip after an epic adventure.

The crash onto the reef caused the engine room to quickly flood, and the still-functioning generator then short-circuited causing a fire. Thankfully the experienced captain and professional crew had a good handle on the situation and other than the damaged boat itself, everyone came away with just a story to tell.


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