Mentawai Charter Boat Crashes and Burns

Last friday, the surf charter boat Star Koat, an eighty-foot trad Indonesian wooden boat built in Sibolga for twelve passengers, ran aground while taking a short cut in the Mentawai’s deep south a little before eight pm, Beach Grit reported.

Photo: @apriliasya /

The first news that came about the Star Koat was that the vessel had sunk completely, but it soon became known that it hit the bank and partly wrecked in the southern region of Mentawai.

The twelve Brazilian guests, the Australian and Brazilian guide and the six-man crew slept on the beach, and the reef, as it rained through the night.

Assistance was called the following morning.

The wonderful Ratu Motu, skippered by Captain John Shawcross and owned by Quiksilver founder Al Green, salvaged what they could (Mentawai locals had already inspected and taken what they needed), the guests were brought aboard and taken to the town of Sikakap, near Macaronis where everyone is safe.

Shortly afterwards, the Star Koat caught fire and burnt to the waterline.

What actually happened with Star Koat? “Missed the gap between two islands and drove straight up on the reef,” said Captain Shawcross.


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