Surfing’s Most Powerful Brother-Sister Combos

Successful siblings in surfing, if you will forgive the alliteration, have a long history. The elder Hos, the Malloys, the Fletchers, the Hobgoods, the Padaratzes and the Gudauskases, to name but a few, have shared both elite success and DNA.

However, as the keen eye amongst you will recognize, these are all brothers. In the modern era it is the sisters who are adding a new type of chapter to the tally of famous surfing siblings. Here we take a look at some sister-brother combos currently taking the surfing world by storm. Here’s some powerful bro-sis list in surfing combos from World Surf League.

Tyler, Owen and Mikey Wright

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With the defending World Champion Tyler Wright currently holding the Jeep Yellow Jersey and her brother Owen sitting as the World No.4, these two are the poster duo for the brother-sister combo. It was Tyler who cared for Owen during his head injury at the start of last year. In a tribute she wore Owen’s jersey number and surfed switchfoot on her first wave after she had claimed the World Title in France last year. The pair look set to be backing each other up on the CT for a while yet and may have reinforcements with younger brother Mikey, who is making his way up the Qualifying Series and poised to join them soon.

Mason and Coco Ho

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With their dad, Mike, and uncle, Derek, setting the template for Hawaiian sibling success, it’s no surprise that Coco and Mason have taken the surfing world by storm. Coco, the younger of the two, has had the most competitive success and is now in her eighth successive year on the CT. Mason has never cracked his dream of making surfing’s elite, but his surfing and personality have had a huge impact in the wider surfing world. The two count each other as best friends and few brother-and-sister combos can have bought as much joy to surfing as these two.

Philippa and Craig Anderson

The South African born, Newcastle based siblings have taken a very different route to surfing stardom. Philippa has chased her dream of qualifying for the CT for over five years — missing out by just two places in 2013. Last year she started a crowd-funding effort to allow her to continue to compete and is currently sitting at 8th on the QS, within touching distance of her longtime goal. Her brother, Craig, is known as one of the most stylish surfers on the planet and has carved out a career as one of the best known freesurfers. Philippa can’t rely on her laid back brother for heat strategy advice, but in every other facet of support he has backed his sister to the hilt as she chases her dream.

Kelia, Josh and Seth Moniz

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Kelia is the daughter of legendary Hawaiian surfer Tony Moniz and the only sister to five surf-mad brothers, hence her nickname “Sister.” She is a World Longboard Champion and has played a key role in chaperoning and inspiring her little bros (as seen below in New York city, where she is now based) in and out of the water. The two youngest, Josh and Seth, are considered some of the hottest Hawaiian talents, charging in the huge waves of the North Shore, as well as sparking the QS with some of the most progressive surfing on tour.

Noe Mar and Leila McGonagle

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