Bali Foreign Tourist Arrivals Up 23.5 Percent

Bali has seen a bump in foreign tourists so far this year, with the Bali Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reporting 3.4 million tourists entered the resort island between January and July, as quoted from Indonesia Expat.

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Bali BPS Head Adi Nugroho said the figure is 23.5 percent increase year on year.

“Those who came through Ngurah Rai Airport, flying directly from their countries is as much as 3.39 million people and 24,182 came through seaport via cruise ship,” Nugroho said.

For 2017, Bali’s foreign arrivals target is 6 million—a huge amount compared to the 2016 goal of 4.2 million.

Out of the top ten countries supplying foreign tourists to Bali, eight have experienced significant increases this past year. The Chinese are leading the way, with the increase in Chinese tourists coming to Bali this year from January to July this year, compared to the same period last year, rocketing up 57.53 percent, says Nugroho, Coconuts Bali reported.

India has also seen a massive increase with Bali welcoming 44.25 percent more visitors than the year earlier. From UK, 14.01 percent, from Japan, 7.02 percent; from the US, 19.4 percent; from South Korea, 24.64 percent; from France, 5.93 percent; from South Korea, 24.64 percent; from Germany, 18.81 percent.

While Australians remain the second most prolific foreign visitors in Bali, their numbers have taken a slight downturn of 0.88 percent from last year to this year. Malaysians have also dropped down 5.44 percent from the previous year.


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