Large Whale Washes Ashore in West Bali

Picture source: Youtube

Villagers of Yeh Kuning in Jembrana were shocked by the appearance and malodorous appearance of a large dead whale that washed up on the shore of their village.

Bali Discovery reports that a local fisherman made the discovery at 7:00 am on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, when he saw the rotting carcass of the large whale floating some 200 meters from the shoreline.

The large mammal, estimated to measure 7-meters in length and weighing 3 tons, may have been dead for as much as a month judging from its advanced state of decay.

The remains washed up in front of a local temple, emitting the stench of decay that was detectable over a large area, prompted local officials to hurriedly set about disposing of the dead animal.

Several days after the discovery, a backhoe was brought to the beach to dig a seaside grave for the whales that had to be cut into sections so it could be maneuvered into the impromptu burial site.


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