Raba Cakrawala: A Journey of Two Indonesian Skateboarders

In 2013, Volcom Indonesia released a short documentary about skateboarding, which raised the story of the struggle of three Volcom Indonesia riders from zero to achieve various achievements as a professional skateboarder.

Volcom Indonesia proudly presents the movie “Raba Cakrawala” to celebrate their achievement while instilling hope for them, to continue to pursue their dreams and penetrate their own horizons.

The Raba Cakrawala film reveals the story of: Mario Palandeng and Sanggoe Dharma Tanjung in their first step in America which is the land of freedom and the birth of skateboarding.

Participate in the Damn Am competition in Costa Mesa, trace the many skate spot locations in the city of Los Angeles, spend the rest of their journey in a renowned skate-camp, Woodward Pennsylvania.

“The experience of skating in America is amazing, like a dream,” said Mario. So it is with Sanggoe felt. He felt more exciting sensation when playing skateboarding in America, due to skate spot which he thinks is like “heaven in the eyes”.

Mario also revealed that there is a huge range of differences between skateboarding in Indonesia and America. “The support of the government and the skateboarding organization is indispensable for a better future for young skateboarders in Indonesia. I hope the Indonesian skateboarding athletes will become the government’s attention with the addition of good infrastructure as well “, said Mario.

The director, Hasbi Sipahutar also said that skateboarding in the land of Uncle Sam is more comfortable when viewed from infrastructure and city planning factors that are suitable to be used as ‘playing area’ of skateboard. It is indeed one of the major factors that cause differences in ability between skateboarder in America with in Indonesia.

Hasbi hope, this video can increase the spirit of motivation for skateboarder friends in Indonesia. And hopefully can add the existing filmmaker community in  Indonesia skateboarding. Enjoy”.


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