Robbie Maddison Almost Runs Over A Surfer On His Motorcycle At Cloudbreak

This Instagram clip, which is as of yet the only coverage of Robbie Maddison latest attempt taking waves, was posted last week and features him on a head high wave at Cloudbreak, almost mowing down a surfer on the shoulder as he paddles for dear life. The video has so far been met with outrage and ridicule online.

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Stab also write an open letter to Robbie Maddison according the viral video of him. “If you’re doing this for glory and fame, please just stop, because I can assure you it’s ruining any credibility you’ve built over the years. If you’re doing this out of pure thrill-seeking, fine, but go try it somewhere wild and remote. No one on a trip to Fiji should have to subject themselves to death by boatercycle” write Michael Ciaramella.


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