Video: Killer Whales Interrupt Surf Contest

The Lofoten Masters surf event in northern Norway made bigger headlines than usual this weekend, with two Killer Whales filmed swimming through the lineup during a heat, according to Surf Europe.

According to the Lofoten Masters Facebook page, “the Norwegian Orca Survey confirming this as an actual attack on a human, where the whales changed their mind in the last second. First time ever documented on film.”

Two of the surfers remained in the water, while a third can be seen putting his hands over his head and immediately taking the first wave in. He appears to be a little shaken up once he reaches the beach, but no worse for the wear, Grind TV reported.

Lofoten, a set of islands inside the Arctic Circle in the north of Norway are the go-to spot for cold water chic surf photo trips, with the main surf spot Unstad even boasting an excellent surf camp.



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