Bali’s Growing Tourism Industry Should Not Harm Environment

The growing tourism industry in Bali should not harm the environment and cultures, stated President Joko Widodo.

628843-120929-inq-baliPhoto: Deborah Cassrels

“I hope that the development of the tourism sector will not damage the local environment and culture,” Jokowi recently noted here.

Jokowi also expressed hope that Bali will continue to remain a first-class tourism destination. “Bali must have a clear differentiation, clear distinction. Do not let tourism damage Bali. We must accept that tourism is number one,” he said.

Jokowi underscored the importance of protecting the ecology while developing the tourism industry.

“I heard that southern Bali is too crowded and is being pushed too far. The environment must not be harmed due to tourism,” he emphasized.

He also asserted, in addition to culture, the environment of Bali is also noteworthy because the environment is also strength to Bali. That is, not only a unique culture but also its natural beauty should be maintained.

Jokowi also expressed his appreciation to the customary institutions in Bali through Indigenous Village or Cultural Village in Bali that consistently maintain the customs and culture of Bali.

“Now I want to fulfill my promise. I’ve promised to come for the first time to Bali when Bali wins hands down and it was won by exceeding the target. Then I have to come to Bali,” he said.

Jokowi also lauded the traditional cultural institutions of Bali for consistently preserving the Balinese tradition and culture.



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