French Tourist Films Himself Atop Active Volcano Mount Agung in Bali

Indonesian authorities are urging people not to climb the active Mount Agung volcano on Bali after a video of a foreigner standing at the edge of its smoking crater circulated online.

Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho says the volcano is “very dangerous” and could explode anytime.

Karl Kaddouri, who lives in Bali, posted a video to social media of himself standing on the edge of the smoking crater on Thursday morning, saying it was a way of getting out of his “comfort zone”.

The video posted on Friday on Facebook shows Karl Kaddouri who speaks in French while plumes of steam rise from the crater he is perched above.

In a written post accompanying his video, shared on Facebook and attracting more than 120,000 views, Mr Kaddouri notes there have been 100 daily tremors last week and 500 in recent days, indicating “an imminent outbreak”.


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