Perth Free-Diver Swims Through Three Tonnes of Rubbish in Bali

A woman has swam through three tonnes of human waste and garbage floating about in the ocean, describing it as a “real life nightmare”.

Competitive free-diver and photographer Julia Wheeler was training in the water off Bali before swarms of litter floated towards her.

The 31-year-old shared horrific images of herself entangled in plastic bags while sea creatures were trying to eat the rubbish. Everyone is going to get a rude wake up call when they know what it’s like to swim in their own waste.

The free-diver explained she felt claustrophobic swimming in the garbage and “human waste”, which left her feeling “really dirty”.

“It was a real life nightmarish horror movie happening before my eyes,” Wheeler said.

The free-diver, who can reach 50 metre depths in one breath, was training with fellow diver Trista Fontana when they saw the “nightmare”.

Everything from bags, bottles, wrappers and containers were floating in the ocean, prompting Ms Wheeler to share the shocking scenes.

‘Say goodbye to pristine beaches and look forward to a plastic paradise because here’s the proof – that’s where we are headed unless we all make a small change,’ Ms Wheeler told Perth Now.

The confronting images were captured on Ms Wheeler’s GoPro, showing hundreds of thousands of pieces of garbage floating in the sea.

The 31-year-old was also photographed coming up from a dive with a plastic bag getting caught on her head.

Huge pieces of debris, wood and sharp edges of plastic moved in huge clusters of rubbish towards the two divers.

Usually known for sharing mesmorising underwater photos, the free-diver wanted to show the grubby, murky brown waters that pose a serious threat to any sea life.

“Pretty ocean pictures are great, but it’s the silent reality of plastic pollution that will begin to fill our screens more and more unless we chose to make change,” she wrote online.

Source: / Emily Pidgeon


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