Dozen Schoolies Brawl in Middle of Bali’s Party District

Up to a dozen school leavers have been caught on camera in a wild brawl in the streets of Bali.

Shocked Perth tourists captured the moment the young men dished out punches in the all out fight – one even hitting another over the head with an ashtray.

Bystanders can be seen to try and break-up the fight, with one even throwing a bucket of water on the group in a bid to calm them down.

Even a policeman’s whistle is not enough to break them up.

The brawl, which lasted around 40 seconds, happened in the heart of Bali’s nightclub district Kuta, outside popular tourist hangout Paddy’s Bar.

Christian volunteer group Red Frogs, which offers a support network for leavers on the Indonesian island, estimates that up to 6000 teens have flocked to Bali to end of school celebrations.

And tourists sharing the night-life with them were pretty shocked by this group’s unruly behaviour.

“It was pretty scary, some guy got hit in the head with an ashtray right in front of us,” holidaymaker Kimberley Williams said.

“Yeah it was pretty intense. I was a bit worried about the safety of the people in the fight,” Perth’s Luke Garrod-Raynor added.



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