Dutch Man Arrested in Bali, Allegedly Importing Cannabis Extract

A 37-year-old Dutch man was arrested on Bali with 2 kilograms of cannabis oil in his possession. He was arrested in Batu Belig on Sunday, immediately after taking possession of the cannabis oil, allegedly exporting cannabis extract into Indonesia from the Netherlands.

Picture source: thesfnews.com

The suspect has been living in a villa in Batu Belig, a town north of Kuta, for two years. He was under surveillance by the Indonesian authorities for some time. The Dutch man has not yet been charged.

“He is being taken to national police headquarters for further investigation. There were seven officers from headquarters, escorting him,” Coconuts Bali reported.

After being apprehended, Max was taken to a Bali Police station in Denpasar, but he is just “in transit” there.

“There is no investigation by (Bali) Province police. They are just helping coordinate to bring the suspect to national police headquarters,” the source said.

Jakarta was apparently the point of entry for the drug, then went to Bali and would have been circulated by the suspect.

Charges do not appear to have been pressed yet as police transfer the man to Jakarta and deepen their investigation.

People caught with drugs in their possession in Indonesia face significant punishments. The death penalty can be imposed on people caught smuggling large amounts of drugs into the country.

Source: coconuts.co/bali


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