The President of Aussie Biker Gang, Finks Denied Entry Into Bali for Family Vacation

The president of one of Australia’s most feared bikie gangs has been barred from entering Bali with his family. He was not welcome on the holiday island because of his links to a “dangerous” gang.

Smiling Kosh Radford is seen being escorted to a plane to Sydney after he was denied entry to Bali. Photo source:

Former Perth resident Kosh Radford, aka Koshan Rashidi, arrived in Bali on Wednesday night with his wife, child and mother-in-law, but was immediately stopped by immigration officers and refused entry before he and his family were sent back home to Sydney.

“He was rejected because it is known that he is involved in a dangerous motorbike gang in Australia, Daily Mail reported.

“Foreigners that are allowed to enter Indonesia are those who are beneficial for Indonesia,” Ngurah Rai Immigration chief Ari Budijanto said.

“Foreigners who are rejected from entering Indonesia are foreigners that allegedly could causes restlessness and disturb national security.” he added.

Budijanto reportedly denied the tip-off came from the Australian authorities.

Kosh Radford and family did not resist and were cooperative when denied entry into Bali according to Ngurah Rai immigration chief. 

Meanwhile, authorities in Australia refused to say if they had tipped off their Indonesian counterparts about Mr Radford’s travel plans.

“Any decision to deny a person’s entry into a country is a matter for authorities in that country,” an Australian Federal Police spokesman said.

There are more than 2,000 members of the Finks club which is already formed in Sydney in 1969.


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