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Behind the scenes: Coco Ho surfs naked for ESPN’s The Body Issue

As part of their annual Body Issue, ESPN The Magazine featured photos of one very nude Coco Ho surfing in Hawaii. Since 2009, the magazine has been running tastefully shot nudes of some of the world’s most esteemed athletes, including Olympians, football players, and soccer stars.

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Video: Mentawai from Above

Beautiful video from the Bird of the Mentawai islands in Indonesia. Enjoy the highlights of our trip and experience the beauty of the Islands from above.

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Surfing Jaws On a Pair of Skis

Water skiing is pretty fun. So we’ve seen some pretty crazy things in our time but this has to be one of the strangest. Tackling the infamous Jaws wave in Hawaii on a pair of skis? Chuck Patterson must be at least slightly nuts. Ok so the skis aren’t quite the ones you’d see in an Olympic downhill (they look more like modified water skis) but otherwise he’s gone the whole hog.

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Best Surfing Boat Trips You’ll Ever Take

A boat trip is something that every surfer wants to do. It’s a sort of rite of passage for anyone that dreams of perfect, empty waves with nothing but a few friends and crystal clear water. There’s just something about the idea of a bunch of friends cruising up to a perfect wave, surfing all day, then retiring for a sunset aboard a gently rocking vessel, beers in hand and sunburns galore. But before you start planning, there are a few spots you need to know about.

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Coco Ho Surfs Naked for ESPN Body Issue

ESPN has been doing “The Body Issue” for a while, and even though there is a very obvious and in-your-face sexuality about it, they have somehow been able to preserve the integrity of the collection as, above all, a bare-all exhibit of sorts for raw athleticism, stripped of uniforms and equipment.

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Jake Paterson

Quiksilver Cleans up with Big Bali Eco Weekend and Uluwatu Challenge

Quiksilver’s environmentally-friendly roots took center stage in Bali, Indonesia  this weekend through the Big Bali Eco Weekend. Through a multitude of events, and in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Garuda, Quiksilver raised awareness for clean Bali beaches, protecting the environment and local turtles, along with promoting sustainable tourism.

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Deep barrels Rahtu Suargita

Rahtu Suargita and Koki Hendrawan Win Rip Curl Cup Trials

In absolutely pumping 6 foot plus Padang-Padang yesterday, Rathu Suargita, Mustofa Jeksen, Koki Hendrawan and Koko Mitsua had 40  coveted minutes to battle it out for the two wildcard spots up for grabs in the prestigious Rip Curl Cup Padang-Padang, which will see 12 of the world’s best and 12 of Indonesia’s best tuberiders take on Bali’s most spectacular wave in a one-day barrel extravaganza sometime during the 6 week waiting period that runs from July 5 to August 17.

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The world’s most dangerous shark zones for surfing

Sharky shark sharks. The source of so much controversy these days and so misunderstood! Sparked by an unprecedented run of fatal attacks off the coast of Reunion Island and Western Australia both starting in 2011, the introduction of new shark culling policies continue to make headlines as they’re continually denounced by animal-rights activists, especially in Australia, less so in Reunion Island where local inhabitants have been more in support of action.

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The World’s Most Infamous Surf Gangs

When it comes to the surf gang, it remains unclear whether or not notoriety is something to shoot for. On one hand, surf gangs are a product of an ever-increasing amount of surfers around the globe, and are often locals of a certain spot that seek to protect them from overcrowding.

On the other, they often resort to acts of serious intimidation and violence in order to achieve their goals. The result is run-ins with the law, and a bad reputation among the surf community at large. For better or for worse, and in no particular order, the following is a list of the surf world’s most infamous surf gangs.

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How Do You Find Easy Waves to Surf When You’re Abroad?

Amy Lambert, editor of the Mellow Waves blog, shares some tips on finding waves to suit your ability level when you go abroad.

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