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Mentawai on Moon Palikir (23 of 25)

Photos: First Mentawai of 2015

You might have seen that had a few spots in a recent trip to Mentawai on board of Moon Palikir.

We had 11 days of real good surf and no crowds. We even scored the rare “The Hole” mostly by ourselves. Check the photos here and book your trip with us.

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Video: Drone Footage Captures The Beauty of Uluwatu

Uluwatu is on Bali‘s must-see list. Its high vantage points, places where you can eat amazing food for ridiculously cheap, and, of course, its world-class surf create an experience unlike anything else.

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Indonesia Offers Visa-Free Travel for 30 More Countries

To boost tourist numbers, Indonesia from next month will waive visa requirements for nationals from an extra 30 countries — but not Australia — the government has announced.

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Gabriel Medina Criticizes The Contest On Air

Surfing world champ Gabriel Medina just dropped the F-bomb on live TV to the world, ‘teach’ his opponent ‘some bad …’ something before being cut off, in an interview after his shock elimination from the Quiksilver Pro this morning.

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Krupuk Point: The New Trend in Bali

Latelly the boys have been loving Krupuk Point, and you want know why? Check the videos here:

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2015 Airline Surfboard Fee Guide

Depending on the time of year, some airline’s won’t even take your surfboard, for any excess baggage charge. See the list below the table, and ask any airline, especially if you’re booking during peak travel times. Actually, it’s a good idea to call the airline no matter what time of year; this list is a guideline and fees can change, depending on the weather and the ticket agent’s disposition. Oh, yeah: remember to smile and be nice to the ticket agent.

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April 16, No More Alcohol in Minimarts

Starting on April 16, the whole minimarts in Jakarta are prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages below five percent. The ban is a follow-up of Trade Ministry’s Decree.

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No Leash: 11 Stitches on a Kid’s Head

A couple of weeks ago we posted a warning on facebook about being safe around others while you’re surfing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Boogie-Boarder, Short-boarder, SUPer, etc. We’re all out to have fun, but we need to ensure our own and others safety.

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How To Buy A Used Surfboard

Surfboards, a bit like cars, lose value as soon as they leave the showroom. What that means is that in when you buy a used surfboard you can pick up a real bargain, just by it having been waxed up and having a couple of footmarks in the deck.

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You know you are in Ubud when…

Once predominantly famous for its royal heritage (think palaces and traditional dance performances, literally fit for a king), Ubud has now transformed into a New Age sanctuary.

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