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Mick Fanning Wins The 2014 Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Mick Fanning (AUS) has won the 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal, defeating Jordy Smith (ZAF) in clean 3-to-5-foot barrels at the iconic Supertubos in Peniche. Fanning’s third event victory this season, after wins at Bells Beach and Jeffreys Bay, moves him up to World No. 2 on the Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) rankings.

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Video: Kelly Slater’s 540

The wind is blowing ferociously on the banks around Peniche right now – most of the banks are closeouts, yet the whole of the WCT is out there. But on a lay day in Portugal, Kelly Slater tagged a closeout ramp and just kept spinning, spinning and spinning in a fashion your eyes won’t believe.

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Easkey Briton Teaches Women to Surf in Hijab in Iran

Think of a place that is known for the quality of its surfing, and a few destinations may spring to mind. Australia, certainly, with its long sandy shoreline and near-obsessive love for the sport that plays out on beaches from Brisbane to Perth. The glorious coastline of California. Even our own Cornwall, with its busy boarding scene.

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Deadliest Shark Attack Beaches

Are you one of those people who can’t go surfing without thinking about sharks? Or maybe you suffer from that totally irrational ‘there’s a shark in the swimming pool’ sensation? Then you might not want to go surfing in these places.

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A young girl begs in Benoa square

Indonesia Now Number One Destination for Australian Child Sex Tourists

Every so often, a convicted Australian paedophile – we’ll call him “Malcolm” – transfers small amounts of cash via Western Union to his “friends” in Indonesia.

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Surfers Save Couple Aboard Wayward Hot Air Balloon

Surfers came to the rescue of newly engaged couple that was aboard a hot air balloon making an emergency landing off the coast of Cardiff-by-the-Sea Sunday.

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Video: When High Tide Exits Go Wrong

Surf and bodyboard are dangerous sports when high tide and BIG WAVES come together in this place. A group of surfers and bodyboarders have accidents in the famous spot “LA21″ situated in Gijon-Asturias (Spain), in the north of Spain. You must be carefull in this wave if your surfing level is not very good.

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Video: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

A POD of killer whales have been filmed for the first time hunting and killing a TIGER SHARK. The footage, which is believed to be a world-first, was captured off the coast of Costa Rica by underwater photographer Caroline Power and British marine biologist Nicholas Bach. It shows three killer whales working as a team to force the panicked shark to the surface, wearing it down and taking opportunistic bites at its fins.

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Video: #Tournotes – John John Florence’s Workout

Downtime calls for serious training. John John Florence takes you through his pre-heat shorebreak routine.

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New Zealand Man Arrested over Surfboard Theft in Bali

A New Zealand man could spend the next five years in an Indonesian jail after he was arrested for stealing a surfboard.

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