Rip Curl Grom Search 2015
Rip Curl Grom Search 2015
Rip Curl Grom Search 2015
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Video: Surfing Wipeouts Compilation

Surfing is meant to be fun and relaxing, but it can also be pretty dangerous when you’re wiping out. Check out these worst surfing wipeouts where surfers get “pitted” in their “barrels” during their “sessions” on their “swells”.

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Photos: Gallery Padang Padang – The 3rd Day

After some top secret wave-hunting missions over the weekend we enjoyed some classic Padang yesterday. This wave never goes out of style and the locals know how to charm this lady.

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Video: Swell Of The Season – Padang Padang and Uluwatu

Some of the best swell hit the Bukit and caught on film, both days between Uluwatu and Padang Padang. Pros and locals taking full advantage of some epic conditions.

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Video: Great White Shark Circles Around Surfer

A video of a surfer in close encounter with a Great White Shark was uploaded to Facebook on June-23-2015. The shark had been circling the surfer for a couple of minutes before he decided to record it with his gopro camera. The shark is very cautious as it circles the man perhaps just curious, perhaps more. As you can see in the video the surfer tries to make his way around the shark back to more shallow water before it disappears. The best thing he did was to remain calm while he was watching the sharks movements in case it would attack him. The video takes place in Manly beach in Sydney Australia. Manly beach and North Steyne.

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j.flo injured

Jeremy Flores Sustains A Head Injury In Indonesia

Current No. 10 in the world rankings Jeremy Flores yesterday suffered a head-on collision with the reef, far from help in remote Indonesia. Jeremy took to Instagram to share his unfortunate encounter with a vicious Indian Ocean reef. Here’s what he had to say:

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Indonesia Formally Waives Visa Requirements for 45 Countries

The Indonesian government this week finally formalized a visa-free travel regulation that was announced months ago for citizens from 45 countries, in a bid to boost tourism and improve relations with those countries, report.

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Mushrooms: Allowed or Not Allowed in Indonesia?

With frills as a legal state, Indonesia is determined to eradicate all forms of illegal drugs, yet these strict laws seem a little inconsistent. On any night in Kuta you’ll see all sorts of guys selling magic mushrooms, which contrary to popular belief became a type drug last year. As the head of Denpasar’s drug section told the Jakarta Post in December, “If we find any people selling or consuming magic mushrooms, we will arrest them.”

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14- BankVaults with some size

Photos: How Many Boats in Mentawai? There is No Crowd.

Our friend Sebastian Imizcoz, just got back from his second trip of 2015 on board of Aileoita 1 and he sent us the report.
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8- Leaving his confort zone ;), Bryce in a set wave_May21st-4333

Photos: May 21st – “Good Morning Canggu”

Our photographer woke up early and went to Canggu to check the conditions, he brought back some good shots.

Did you surf today? Was it good. Canggu was looking fun…


Photo: Iuri Borba

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Five-time Argentinian Surf Champ Disqualified for The Best Reason Ever

Martin Passeri has won a lot of contests. The five-time Argentinian surf champion is no stranger to the podium. He recently surprised everyone when the surfer made an unexpected decision: when he was called to compete, instead of racing to the water, he stopped short.

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