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Pipe Master in Bali

Many of you may not know that there is a Pipe Master in residence at Canggu Beach. In light of the Pipe Masters competition that started on Wednesday, IndoSurfLife sat down with Two-Time Pipe Master Larry Blair to talk about his connection with the contest and Bali.

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Diah Ayu (update) 02

Interview: Diah Rahayu Dewi had the chance to interview Diah Rahayu Dewi, a young talented surfer girl from Bali, Indonesia. She took some time out of her busy schedules to catch up with us. One of her sponsors Electric Visuals, helped us to arrange the time and the place. Here, she explains up and down of being a surfer and about her goals and projects for 2013.

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5 Minutes With Raditya Rondi

With its massive waves and perfect weather, it’s no wonder Bali is constantly spitting out more than its fair share of surfers. But one thing’s for sure: not everyone has managed to craft a career as successful as Raditya’s. Starting his passion for surf through a board he borrowed from a friend, fast-forward a decade later, and he is today one of the most formidable and humblest fella you’ll ever meet. Billabong caught up with the 24 year old and got him to reminisce about the good, the bad and the (somewhat) ugly…

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Interview: Lee Wilson – Past, present and future (+ New Video)

Lee Wilson is an example of a successful surfer: 2-time Indonesian Champion, last year’s Padang Cup Champion and surely more to come. Between getting sick barrels and huge airs on secret surf trips, Lee took some time out to talk to us about his life, comps and free surfing.

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Interview: Salini Rengganis – The Surfer Girl

Salini Rengganis, 14 years old, is the next promising junior surfer girl from Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia. Salini has already competed in numerous surfing events dating back to 2006, when she joined her first local “Hidden Point” surf competition. Her favorite motto is “Seek the fellowship of at least one new person each day, regardless of that persons social status.” She’s also talented in writing, acting and modeling. had the chance to interview her while she was in Bali for a contest. Check the interview.

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Interview: Oakley Pro 2012 Champion, Mustofa Jeksen

After winning the Oakley Pro 2012, the first stop of the Indonesian Tour, Mustofa took some time to talk to about his goals and projects for 2012…

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Video + Interview: The french in Indo Teiki Ballian – Teiki That

Teiki, I know you grew up on a boat, primarily around the Indian Ocean, but you also did trips around the world, is that right?

I was one week old when I came aboard my parents boat. They had already been living on the oceans for more than 20 years when they had me.

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ISL Interview: Coco Ho


Last week IndoSurfLife sat down with the women’s winner of the Oakley Pro Junior competition, Coco Ho, at the Volcom’s office. She was beaming from her victory and happy to talk surfing, sate and fashion before jetting out again for the next stop on her young yet illustrious career.

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Lee Wilson

Interview: Lee Wilson by ASL

Lee Wilson just won the Rip Curl Padang Cup. He beat an international field of handpicked tube-gurus (like Ryan Turner, Kalani Chapman and Chris Ward) and a local field of Padang Padang ninjas (like Rizal Tanjung, Garut Widiarta and Bol Purta). He did it in pumping surf. He did it with flair and style. And he did it on his backhand.
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Interview: Made Raditya Rondi aka Cabul

Raditya Rondi is only 22 and already number 3 on the Indonesian tour. One of the few goofy-footers in the top 5, he is able to hold his own on the tour of rights. He took some time out of his busy schedule to catch up with and gave us a look at who Raditya really is.

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