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Asia’s Travel and Tourism Industry ‘to Face Talent Crisis’

Asia’s travel and tourism sector is booming but will faces a severe shortage of skilled workers in the next 10 years, a top industry executive said on Wednesday.

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Kelly slater pipeline

Can Pro Surfing Survive Without Kelly Slater?

More likely than not, Kelly Slater, who’ll turn 43 this February, will step away from the pro tour after Pipe.

But wait. It’s never that easy with Kelly.

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The World’s First Inflatable Reef

Plans for the world’s first inflatable artificial reef with the purpose of creating tailor made peaks has been designed. Troy Bottegal plans to introduce, manufacture and install the world’s first eco-friendly inflatable surf reef, in Perth November 2015.

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8 Beach Bars You Need To Visit

How many times have you dreamed of living on a beach eternally?

It’d be easy. You just get yourself a bar and serve drinks to other like-minded, super chilled and ultimately enlightened beings and live life like James Bond without all the tedious spy business.

In honour of this life that we all wish we led, we’ve put together eight of the best beach bars in the world. These beaches not only have excellent boozing facilities but they’re also within spitting distance of some banging surf spots. Ideal.

1. Cerritos Beach Club, Los Cabos Baja, Mexico


“What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo” or so the saying goes. The Mexican peninsula is the must-go place for southern Californians to find sun and surf. Because they don’t get enough of that at home.

Los Cerritos is a mellow beach break with a rock point, historically known as a surf camping mecca.

The Cerritos Beach Club is the only restaurant on the beach, not that you need variety. The beers and fresh grilled yellowtail fish tacos are enough to keep even the grumpiest of beach goers satisfied.

Saturday nights are all about live music followed by a few tequila shots. Needless to say, you won’t be joining the dawn patrol after a night here…

2. Flora-Bama Lounge, Florida, USA


Kenny Chesney playing live country music. Frozen cocktails. A washing line of discarded bras. It can only be the infamous Flora-Bama, located in Pensacola, Florida. As a surf spot, it’s known for having virtually empty waves. The bar, however, is anything but quiet.

Why the bizarre name? It’s located bang on the border of Florida and Alabama, hence Flora-Bama. Genius. And it was once named the #1 bar in America by Playboy Magazine, so they must be doing something right.

Make sure you order a Bushwacker, a creamy chocolatey piña colada. It’s notoriously lethal, laced with up to 70 per cent alcohol and guaranteed to give you the best time you’ll never remember.

3. The Surf Lodge, Montauk, USA


If you’re looking for somewhere a bit swankier, then The Surf Lodge in Montauk is the place to go.

It’s frequented by Manhattan socialites and Brooklyn hipsters looking for a slice of surf just a few hours from New York city. But don’t think you’ve escaped door queues and bouncers.

It’s jammed packed with glamorous women and bearded men in fitted shirts. Less dancing on the tables, more sipping cocktails with rock stars.

4. Bomba’s Surfside Shack, Tortola, British Virgin Islands


Yep, it’s quite literally a crumbling shack but this is in fact one of the best bars in the Caribbean.

Bomba’s Surfside Shack was first built in 1976 by Bomba himself, made from driftwood and broken surfboards he found on the beach. He didn’t have any money to buy booze in the early days, so friends would drop by their half-drunk bottles for Bomba to use.

The Surfside Shack has survived all the hurricanes that have swept through the Caribbean and is now popular for their Full Moon parties held every month.

Don’t go without trying Bomba’s famous Midnight Tea. Rumours about its.. ahem… interesting psychotropic effects are rife. Whether they are true is another matter, but we do know it contains a lot of rum, fruit juice and sits away bubbling in a cauldron.

5. Dick’s Sand Bar, Hossegor, France

It’s no relation (as far as we know) to the infamous après ski joint, Dick’s Tea Bar, in Val D’Isere. However, Dick’s Sand Bar is one of the most well-known watering holes in France’s surf city, Hossegor.

During the summer months, hoards of party people pack into its four walls for mojitos, kareoke and shots.

The crowd is pretty young, but if you’re under 25 and like seriously sweaty dancing, then you’ll feel right at home.

6. Tortilla Flats, Dominical, Costa Rica

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Sources: | Author: Nina Zietman

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Deadliest Shark Attack Beaches

Are you one of those people who can’t go surfing without thinking about sharks? Or maybe you suffer from that totally irrational ‘there’s a shark in the swimming pool’ sensation? Then you might not want to go surfing in these places.

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Surfers Save Couple Aboard Wayward Hot Air Balloon

Surfers came to the rescue of newly engaged couple that was aboard a hot air balloon making an emergency landing off the coast of Cardiff-by-the-Sea Sunday.

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6 Mistakes New Surfers Make and How to Avoid Them

Surfing is one of those sports with a steep learning curve. That’s especially true for those of us who adopted it at a later stage in life. I wish I had a surfer dad (or articles like these) when I first started surfing. It’s been quite a ride, but facing my fears out on the lineup and having conversations with some well seasoned Baja surfers has led me on the road to being decent on a surfboard… but I’ve still got a long way to go.

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Surfer Loses Arm and Other Hand in WA Shark Attack

The 23-year-old surfer who lost parts of both arms after he was reportedly mauled by two sharks in Western Australia is a keen surfer and football player who was due to play in his football team’s grand final this weekend.

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Parko Raises Money for Bali with Donates a Signed Surfboard

World Champion surfer Joel Parkinson and his sponsors Billabong have joined forces to help clean up Bali. They are working together to raise money and stop solid waste from getting into the surf, reefs, and beaches by donating a signed 6’2” J.S. Industries surfboard.

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9 Amazing Surf Camps

Some surf camps are great, some good, others are just plain grotty. give us nine of the best camps that can give you a surf trip of a lifetime, here we go:

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