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Padang Padang 2014 Final 16

Fairytale Ending at pumping Rip Curl Padang for Garut Widiarta

Dreams do come true and they certainly did today for Bali’s Garut Widiarta in the most spectacular waves seen in the Rip Curl Cup’s 11 year history.

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Jake Paterson

Quiksilver Cleans up with Big Bali Eco Weekend and Uluwatu Challenge

Quiksilver’s environmentally-friendly roots took center stage in Bali, Indonesia  this weekend through the Big Bali Eco Weekend. Through a multitude of events, and in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Garuda, Quiksilver raised awareness for clean Bali beaches, protecting the environment and local turtles, along with promoting sustainable tourism.

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Rathu, Kuta Reef, Bali-2226

Photos: Kuta Reef with Billa-boys

A few weeks ago we went to Kuta Reef to check what was going on out there. It’d been a while since we’d been over there and I had forgotten how much fun the waves are in that part of the island, the Outer Reefs.

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Unknown, Bingin, Bali-4190

Photos: Bingin Wednesday

The season has definitely kicked in. Padang on Thursday, Bingin on Wednesday and another swell today. Have you been getting good waves? Here what we have been shooting, Enjoy!!!
We also shoot Padang-Padang swell this week, watch the photo here
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Alik, Padang-padang, Bali-3344

Photos: Padang-Padang yesterday

The forecast was right, crew woke up early and drove to Padang. Arriving there some big sets were coming through but tide was too high. So we waited and we scored.
Here a bit of what was going on in Bali’s most famous break:

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Photos: 2014 Season Mentawai Appetizer was lucky enough to score a berth on the Aileoita 1’s maiden voyage of the year. Surrounded by friends, all keen, some green, we cruised around the archipelago in early April ready for a good time.

Sailing between spots we only saw about 6 other boats and relished the friendly or empty lineups in what truly is an idyllic locale. Even without a strong forecast, our guide managed to find fun waves all over and by the end of the trip everyone was beyond surfed out and inspired to plan a return visit. Live vicariously through our pics and book your own trip soon.

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The master showing power and style, Claire Bevilacqua

Photos: Mistress to the Waves and Guru to the Groms

Everybody’s favorite female charger from WA, Miss Claire Bevilacqua herself, was recently on island to train a pack of 6 up-and-coming Aussie groms and get some waves for herself.

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Lances Rights or Hollow Trees (HT's), Mentawai.9438

Photos: Lances Right (HT’s) – A Bless with Bob Hurley and friends.

“It was unexpected as it always is. To meet surfing legends together in one spot without taking them there together…

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Perfect lines, that's why Dede is one of Indo best surfers

Photos Feb: 28 days and 3 Swells

February is over; this month was the worst February we had in years in terms of waves. It was a shorter month with 28 days but we only had 3 swells arriving in Indonesia in that time.

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Kin is ripping, Sand Bar, Canggu-3371

Photos: School holidays are here

It has been a long year… While for some of the local and International Schools in Bali the year has not quite finished yet, the kids were already out. Mid-term school holidays start today for local schools, so from now on expect the kids out and, as always, they’re frothing. Today, in 2ft Canggu, we could experience what will be happening for the next 3 weeks: A crowd of boys and girls dominating the line-ups of Bali.

Naughty or not the kids are ripping!!!

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