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Lances Rights or Hollow Trees (HT's), Mentawai.9438

Photos: Lances Right (HT’s) – A Bless with Bob Hurley and friends.

“It was unexpected as it always is. To meet surfing legends together in one spot without taking them there together…

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Perfect lines, that's why Dede is one of Indo best surfers

Photos Feb: 28 days and 3 Swells

February is over; this month was the worst February we had in years in terms of waves. It was a shorter month with 28 days but we only had 3 swells arriving in Indonesia in that time.

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Kin is ripping, Sand Bar, Canggu-3371

Photos: School holidays are here

It has been a long year… While for some of the local and International Schools in Bali the year has not quite finished yet, the kids were already out. Mid-term school holidays start today for local schools, so from now on expect the kids out and, as always, they’re frothing. Today, in 2ft Canggu, we could experience what will be happening for the next 3 weeks: A crowd of boys and girls dominating the line-ups of Bali.

Naughty or not the kids are ripping!!!

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Bleronk flying over Pererenan, Canggu-Pererenan, Bali-2844

Photos: December in Bali

December has arrived! We usually have a lot of rain and Westerly winds at this time of the year, but as we’ve mentioned before this year is rather unusual. Not that we’re complaining! Over the last few days we enjoyed a mid-size swell that brought Bali fun waves, 5-6ft at some breaks, and with the light Southerly winds we’ve been able to surf all day. The coconut wireless is buzzing with stories that it’s been barreling all over the island.

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Nilo, Rags Right, Mentawai

Photos: Mentawai Swell Part 4: Getting Shaked at RAGs

“We’d been hanging at Macca’s and Green Bush for the last 4 days, and the natural footers were frothing to hit another perfect right-hander after the first 2 days we got at Rifles. Luckily we had a world class right just around the corner and that would be our next destination: Rags.

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Jeren's fins bust, Pererenan, Bali-1957

Photos: Bali Sessions November

The seasons are changing in Bali, we have a really hot couple of weeks and the Trade winds are no longer coming as we had in the last 4 months, the swells are also not as strong as before, but yes we are in Indo, waves are always perfect and fun. Check this photos from yesterday at Pererenan and tell us where you would rather be.

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Heavy and perfect, go big or go home

Photos: Late Season is the season

It’s been an awesome end of season in Indonesia. September with swell after swell, perfect barrels back to back and when the winds started to change in beginning of October, more swell, one of the biggest and one of the best. Indonesia on fire tip-to-tip. Continue reading »

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Keramas, Bali-9910

Photos: Keramas 6 ft last friday

Nothing like lauding in the weekend with a sick session on a Friday! Marlon Gerber, Putra Hermawan, Lee Wilson, Adam Bennett, and visiting Kiwi pro Ricardo Christie caught late-season waves a few days ago, enjoying a sunny morning and incoming swell. Conditions were perfect, glassy 6 foot sets pitching over the well-known reef. The boys didn’t let the crowd spoil the fun there was to be had and we’ve got the proof. Continue reading »

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13- You just need to be in the right place in the right time

Photos: Super non Crowded Swell

The media super exposed Indo’s last swell, there were photos on surfing websites around the world.  Here in Bali, at the epicenter,  a lot of stories were making the rounds: Fights, hassles, drop-ins, the usual unfortunate drama, but the most common complaint by far was the crowd. Waves pumped from West to East, with reported 10 foot sets at Nias, epic Desert Point and smoking Sumbawa. A dream start for a September session that could remind us of that epic video from the early 2000′s. Continue reading »

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Photos: Insane Rights on the island of Lefts

It’s been a good season – and we’re only just half way through July! In spite of the trade-winds unusually late arrival, early-breaking Padang and the WCT circus provided plenty of fun, not to mention an influx of surfing prowess to an otherwise already blessed island. We caught up with foreign and local pro’s of all ages enjoying some of the best Bali has on offer. Continue reading »

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