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Surf Tips: Mick Fanning on breathing

Oxygen is the key to life. We know that right? But how much do we know about the mechanics of breathing and of our mostly unawakened capabilities?

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How To: The Air Reverse

I know, we all hate watching air reverses. But we all still dream of the day we actually stick one. Dusty Payne was kind enough break down the intricacies of the air that’s come to define modern progressive surfing:
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How to: Take Off Under The Lip

Flummoxed at the way folk like Shawn Briley manage to get pitted at places like Pipe in spite of their ‘physique’? Well, it’s lead many a tube hunter to believe that mastering under-the-lip take-offs is all about technique. There is no wave too steep, only flawed lines of attack. Here former Pipeline semi-finalist turned surf coach Didier Piter offers a couple guidelines to bear in mind next time you’re throwing yourself over the ledge!

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How To Win Your First Heat

Let’s go to the man who’s coached Mick Fanning to three world titles, Phil McNamara. There comes a time in every hot young surfer’s life when all thoughts turn to competition. Even if your spirit is 100% soul, you’ll want to try it, if only to criticise it later.

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Preparing Your Body for a Surf Trip

If you’re planning a surf trip, you’ll need to be at a half decent level of fitness if you’re going to make the most of it. Surfing is a fairly strenuous endurance activity, particularly if you’re aiming at being in the water for more than two hours a day. For week long trips or more, you’ll need to do some fitness work unless you’re already in good shape.

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How to be a Pro Surfer?

It’s all about angles. Follow these five tips to being a sponsor’s dream. Isn’t it what we’ve all dreamed about at some time? Having our bank accounts loaded every month because, well, we surf good and our image moves trunks or headphones or whatever trinket is delivering profit that season?

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Crowd surfing, surfing with the crowd or couch surfing?

Have you ever felt a strong desire to go surfing and the only surf spot with decent waves has 50 fellow surfers trying to catch a single wave? Well, it has happened to all surfers. It’s not a personal problem, so relax.

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Tips for Better Tube-Riding

Want the keys to making it outta tunnels? Step inside for tube-riding enlightenment. We can’t all weave through six-second drainers on a regular basis — but we can still maximize barrel time wherever, whenever we surf. Here are some things to keep in mind.

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5 Life Traps Surfers Should Avoid

1. Don’t Let Surfing Rule Your Life

Surfing, in the grand scheme of things, is not important. It is not something that should take away from anything else in your life. In fact, if it is done correctly, it should add to everything else in your life. Your wife wants you to surf less and see her more? Surf less and see her more. Showing up late to work and getting your boss’s leather couch all sandy? Get up earlier, get that surf in, then get to work on time. And brush yourself off, for Christ’s sake. A lot of surfers have a tendency to pretend that surfing is more important to them than it actually is, because that’s part of the surfer stereotype: Surfing’s the source. Change your life, swear to God. Etcetera etcetera. It’s not the source. It might change your life, but probably not in some epiphany-type realization – you might just get a healthier and feel a little more relaxed. And that’s not from just surfing. That’s the exercise and the vitamin D.

clarkPhoto: Matt Clark / The Inertia

2. Don’t Try to be a Surfer

Just surf. If you surf, and you love surfing, you’re a surfer. Don’t actively try and be a surfer that you’ve seen in a movie, because they’re not real. And if they were, they wouldn’t be all that great. Just be who you are, and surf while you’re doing it. There’s almost nothing worse than talking to someone who has recently identified you as a surfer while they themselves are also a surfer. It’s not some elite club with a secret handshake and a lig patinay password. It’s just surfing, and Spicoli isn’t real – nor should he be.

3. Don’t Pull Back

Surfing can be scary sometimes. That’s part of the fun. But because it can be scary, it can also be very easy to back out of opportunities that may not come your way again. Remember that wave you pulled back on that you wish you didn’t? Everyone has a few of those. Don’t pull back. Unless you’re surfing massive Teahupoo, chances are good that you won’t die. Sure, you might get a little hurt, but that will heal. And if you make it, that memory will be a whole lot better than kicking yourself for the rest of your life.

4. Stop Chasing Perfection

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Sources: The Inertia | Author: Alexander Haro


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5 More Ways to Improve Your Surfing

Red Bull give some advice how to improve your surfing. Cruising is fun. But ripping? It delivers a deeper satisfaction. So let’s tune up your game.

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