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Video: Miles Lee Hargreaves – Indo

Miles Lee Hargreaves does some fun session at several spot in Indonesia.

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Video: Luke Davis – Your Dream

California’s Luke Davis has just dropped a brand new clip, about six minutes and twenty seconds long. It was produced by a company called The Vacation Club, and if what we see above is anything to go off, Luke Davis well and truly has earnt his spot in said club.

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The story on Lance Knight of Lance’s Right fame

Back in 1991, the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra were a whisper on the lips of only the most learned surf travellers. Why would anyone bother searching deeper into Indonesia when there was the most perfect left in the world (Grajagan in Java), the most perfect right (Nias just off northern Sumatra) and, between all that, the sublime treats of Bali that included Uluwatu and Padang Padang?

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Video: Tom Curren Puts Stamp on J-Bay With a Perfect 10

Would Curren’s ten have been a ten in a real, 2014 heat? Who cares? Man, that thing was a scorcher. Seeing Curren carve a hero’s path down the Supertubes point was a treat for the oldies and a lesson for the young’uns (under 30ish). What was even better was free surfing with him and Occy on lay days and getting intimately acquainted with the buckets they regularly throw.

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Mick Fanning Wins the J-Bay Open

Reigning ASP World Champion Mick Fanning (AUS) took a giant step towards a fourth title when he defeated compatriot Joel Parkinson in the Final of the J-Bay Open in simply sensational waves at Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay.

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Video: Chris Bryan’s Phantom Reel

Chris Bryan’s style is instantly recognisable. Remember the code red swell at Teahupoo, slowed down to 1000-frames per second? That was from Chris Bryan. This particular creative is edited by Tom Hannam and begins waist deep in an Indonesia cattle run, runs the light fantastic through tropical curls and lands in a pair of breasts doused in just enough milk. Then there’s Bruce Irons and the Code Red swell at Teahupoo and weightless John Florence and Marzo, Slater, Kelia Moniz, Marlon Gerber, Parko, Callinan and it’s all tied together with an undeniable emotion.

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Bethany Hamilton Loving life in Indonesia

She is one of the most famous names in surfing, a global celebrity with reach beyond our salty circle. Bethany Hamilton found the spotlight by accident in 2003, when the budding surf star was attacked by a shark at home in Hawaii. It was a gruesome twist of fate for the then 13-year-old that cost the Kauian her left arm, but inspired her to go on and become the incredible character the world knows today.

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Video: Swell of the Year at Puerto Escondido

Mexico’s Puerto Escondido is nicknamed the Mexi-Pipe and for good reason. The wave throws with more intensity than an actual grenade. It has stolen the lives of many dedicated watermen. It’s a volatile, sometimes unpredictable sandbar and most big wave pros will tell you it’s more challenging than Pipe. On July 5 and 6, the swell of the year smashed right into Puerto and we were there to capture it. Here’s an edit of some of the world’s most daring men surfing Pipeline’s Latino cousin.

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Jeremy Flores Awaits Decision of ASP Disciplinary Committee

Jeremy Flores may face disciplinary action for storming the judging tower after losing his Round 2 heat against Sebastian Zietz, at Jeffreys Bay. Worse still, it’s a decision that could boot J-Flo off tour for 2015 – if he’s suspended from upcoming events.

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VIdeo: Ricardo Dos Santos Wipeout at Puerto

Flipping ouch. Ricardo Dos Santos jumps off a liquid cliff at Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

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