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Located at Plengkung Bay on the southern most peninsula of Java is the legendary Grajagan otherwise known as G-Land. Surfers from all corners of the globe have made their way to the Javanese jungle each year between March – November to sample G-Land’s fantastic waves. During these months the spot is rarely flat and there is a saying there – No swell in G-Land, no swell in Indonesia’, It’s a very special surfing destination of primitive beauty and perfect waves.

Grajagan is truly one of the worlds great waves, perfect mechanical barrelling waves, not a drop of water out of place – makes your mouth dry just thinking about it. If you are a keen on left handers what are you still doing reading this page – pack your bags.

G-Land is situated in a very large National Park, and is home to many different species of wild life including panther, leopard, monkeys, deer, reptiles and exotic birds. It is an amazing place and you really feel that you have made it off the beaton track.


G-Land is a magical place and one of the surfing world’s most incredible surfing destinations. For many surfers, it’s been a very special surfing site of primitive beauty and perfect waves. Secluded situated at Plengkung on the southern tip most peninsula of Java is the legendary Grajagan. This remote little camp on the edge of Plengkung Jungle conveniently situated in Banyuwangi, Eastern Java province has earned a big reputation among nomadic surfers all over the world. Like the primitive magical sound of its name, the mentions of Grajagan is an Indonesia incantation that causes surfers everywhere gaze longingly at the horizon.

Discovered in the 70′s by a couple of intrepid surfers on a flight between Jakarta and Bali. The long lines are unmistakable perfect and the discovery that followed is now regarded as arguably the world’s best left-hander ever. Known for its consistent off-shore trade winds during the sessions. G-Land is a Mecca for travelling surfers and the global pilgrimage to G-Land occurs all year around as surfers travel to Java to sample G-Land jewels. From March to November, the Indian Ocean generates strong swells toward G-Land, and no doubt that the swell is constant and flat swell is extremely rare which makes G-Land one of the worlds most consistent breaks.
There are 7 varied breaks in G-Land and only 3 (Kongs, Moneytrees & Speedies) become an extremely favorable sections for surfer who are looking for a superb and challenging waves of a life-time!

– Kongs : 12′ and over
– Moneytrees : 10′ – 12′
– Launching Pad : 8′ – 10′
– Speedies : 6′ – 8′
– Tiger tracks : 4′ – 6′
– 20/20′s : 3′ – 4′
– Chickens : 3 ‘- 4′

G-Land with off-shore winds from March to October and consistent swell from a powerful Indian Ocean wrapping into Grajagan Bay makes this spot one of the world’s best left-handers. The waves at G-Land are suitable for all level of surfers. Big gapping barrels, long perfect walls reeling down this endless point allowing the surfer to reach and score some of the deepest and longest barrels of their life. At high tide the waves are easy to ride and break in deep water, lower tide the waves really start to barrel.
Remember “No Swell at G-Land = No Swell in Indonesia”

Is best on the smaller days at G Land, its a full swell magnet being at the top of the point. Surfers can unleash all their lip moves and link together long combinations and enjoy really fun rides. The reef is not shallow here, and the wave isn’t as heavy as Money Trees. Its a great warm up wave before taking on the more powerful waves down the line.


Offers beautiful long walls that provide nice almond shaped barrels and allow full speed on rail surfing. Not as shallow or gnarly as its neighbour Speedies, but still possesses plenty of power and speed, and stand up barrels can be had. Money Trees can be surfed on any tide, even at low tide. This part of the reef would be the most consistent of the G-Land Surf, almost every day waves can be had along here.


Is no doubt the jewel of G-Land. This is what the hardcore, experienced surfers come for, to take of at ‘Launching Pads’ and come flying into the Speedies freight train barrel. Expect to go the fastest you’ve ever been on a surfboard, and blow your mind if you score one of these gems. Strictly full and new moon tides are needed, anything below 2m of tide is really dangerous, and a mid-tide will be draining dry reef.


Is the last left of the 2+km point. Because it is so far in the bay, it needs a bigger swell to work. It is basically a mechanical lefthander that allow for a few turns before easing off into a channel. Across from the channel is a righthander that is more fickle but has its moments. Basically if the outside Bombie reef behind Money Trees is breaking, then those same swells will be surfable at 20/20′s. When Money Trees is 6-8ft (double to triple overhead) then 20/20′s will have fun mellow head high waves. Floaters, reo’s, 360′s and cutbacks are common place out here.


Tigertracks is an awesome A-Frame around 5km into the bay from camp. It is super consistent, and handles most sized swells. The righthander must be surfed to be believed how fun it is. A perfect bowling wave that allows multiple tight pocket turns, that peels in almost the same part of the reef every time. Very popular with girlfriends, kids, older surfers, and also advanced surfers that want to throw their board about.


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