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Much has been written on the waves in this area. We have found guys with average to above average ability have the most fun out here. There are great waves in this area from point breaks, reef passes through to beachies to keep you in the water.

Rather than describing the other quaility waves in the region we’ll let our adventurous guests explore the area once here. We can provide you all the info you’ll need once here to get amongst the other waves around and the conditions they’re best surfed in. Local conditions and forecast information.


Getting There:
Krui is best accessed from Jakarta or Bali. Domestic flights (Jakarta to Bandar Lampung, flight codes CGK TGK) can be booked from your local travel agent.

For those wanting to avoid a stop over, speak to your travel agent before you leave home. Depending on where you are flying from, connecting flights are now possible from either Bali or Jakarta to connect with your Bandar Lampung flight.

For those already in JAKARTA. Jalan Jaksa is a popular area in Jakarta used as a leaping point to Sumatra and surrounding areas. Flights to Bandar Lampung can be organized with travel agents there. There are also bus & ferry or car options depending on your patience, budget & time constraints.

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The main surf season runs from march till november. This fits in with the trade winds which blow offshore this time of year. We do occasionally get shifts in wind directions but luckily we have waves around that face the opposite directions so somewhere offshore can nearly always be found.

The ”off” season, november/december till febuary/march, can still provide periods of offshore conditions & no crowds. For those not fazed by sometime heavy rains & a need to search out waves, the crowd factor will be nearly zero. Those willing to sit through sometimes gnarly weather can be rewarded with uncrowded waves as off season magic is here for the patient. Off season also attracts discounted rates.

Ujung Bocor
The area’s longest, most consistent wave. It regulary turns on rides in excess of 200 meters. The top of the point provides barrel sections then rolls through to a long carveable wall for as long as you want to ride it. Definitely the most user friendly wave in the area.

In the biggest of swell conditions head to the sheltered reefs of Krui. These offer up quality barreling rides when everywhere else is maxed out, there are a left and right up for grabs but they could be busy due to their protected aspect. The left is the better quality wave and the one to go for.

Besides the spots above, there are lesser known waves around here for those who like to search out their own piece of solitude. Grab a car or bike and start looking, the coastline is dotted with waves that might just provide your “session to remember” timing is key.


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