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Kandui Beach Villa

Kandui Villas is a brand new, upscale, eco-friendly resort, located in the Playgrounds Surfing Mecca in the Mentawai Islands and opening June 2011. Here you can enjoy world class waves while staying in world class accommodation. Using the finest quality local hardwoods they created 12 private bungalows, also known as traditional Mentawai Uma’s.

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Single Surfer : USD 300 / day
Couples : USD 550 / day
Single Non-Surfer : USD 250 / day
Children (6 – 12) : USD 50 / day
Children (under 6) : Free

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Tired of having to choose between world class waves or world class accomodations? This is no longer an issue. Opening May 30th, 2011, we bring you Kandui Villas the world’s #1 luxury surf resort!

Kandui Villas is located on Karangmajet Island, part of the Mentawi island chain. Kandui Villas is surrounded by the surf mecca known as “Playgrounds”, directly in front of world famous “Kandui Left” and “Baby Kandui”.

Kandui feature twelve private bungalows, also known as Mentawi Uma’s. Using the finest quality local Hardwoods, the Uma’s are artistically designed, combining traditional Mentawai craftsmanship with modern day luxury and amenities.Each uma has been hand carved to a theme, inspired by the islands natural surroundings.

Kandui Villas mission is to provide a place where a surf traveler can feel comfortable and confident bringing their significant other or families.Kandui offers the only infinity pool in Western Sumatra, as well as a restaurant, bar, game room and full service spa.Nanny service can by provided upon request. Another outstanding feature at Kandui Villas includes fresh vegetables grown in our eco friendly garden. Locally caught seafood is also on the menu.

Kandui Villas is proud to say that we have contributed greaty to the local Mentawai people. From day one, we have provided employment opportunities that were simply not available, providing hundreds of jobs and infusing much needed revenue into the local economy. With your support we are able to continue this win win situation.

Whether you choose to surf the worlds best waves or just relax and enjoy yourself, Kandui Villas will exceed your expectations Book early and take advantage of the ultimate Kandui experience!

Kandui Villas consists of nine luxury umas, and one triple uma – which is three regular-sized luxury umas connected together, for a total of 12. Each uma is quite large at 7.5 meter wide x 10.5 meters long. Each uma has two king-sized beds downstairs, and one king sized – or two single sized beds – in a spacious, second-story loft. The umas are hand carved throughout with a different Mentawai animal, or jungle theme, and all the furniture is made of local hardwoods. Each uma comes with two air-conditioning units, so guests can adjust their personal comfort level.

Eleven of the umas already have names.
1. Biawak (monitor lizard)
2. Monyet (monkey)
3. Ikan (fish)
4. Kura-kura (turtle)
5. Burung (bird)
6-8. The triple uma is called ‘Sikerei’ (shaman)
9. Buaya (crocodile)
10. Lumba-lumba (dolphin)
11. Utan (jungle)
Uma #12 does not have a name yet, but a mermaid theme is the contender.

The back one-third of each uma is built on a massive cistern which holds close to 10,000 gallons of rain water. The bathroom and shower facilities are clean and comfortable, with stone floors laid by craftsmen from Bali.

Each of the 12 umas are confirgured, with 3 king sized beds, or 2 king sized, and 2 double beds, making them very versatile with room for 1-4 people, making the Umas perfect for singles, couples, groups of friends, or families.

Our packages are 10 days / 10 nights, 11 days / 11 nights, and there is one 14 day / 14 nights trip available during the year. Shorter stays of 7 days are possible, but may require higher transportation fees for any off schedule transportation, since we are so remotely located. It is a long journey to reach Kandui, but once you are here, it is absolute paradise, and 7 days is hardly enough time to rest from your travel, explore our island paradise, surf all the perfect waves, indulge in every thing Kandui has to offer, and become a part of the Kandui family, so this is why are standard packages are a minimum of 10 days.

Each Package includes:
Luxury Uma accommodations
All meals & non-alcoholic drinks with meals
Welcome drinks
Speed-boat transfers to over 20 different surf breaks (depending on swell, tide, and wind conditions)
1 Traditional Mentawai Shaman ceremony

Boat Transfer
Kandui Left and Baby Kandui are directly in front of the Kandui Villas and there are two dozen other spots within 30 minutes by fast boat, in all directions. For getting to the surf, Kandui has a solid inventory of boats for accessing the inventory of waves: two, five-meter plastic dinghies, one 5.2 meter Kahajaya center-consul speed boat and four, 45-50 foot longboats for accessing the spots outside of Playgrounds: Hideaways, Nipussi, Burgerworld, E-Bay.

Kandui launches their fleet of surf boats from four cement docks. Three of the docks are built in a mangrove lagoon located behind each section of the resort making for easy transitions to and from the resort. The fourth dock is a jetty located on the front beach side of the resort, in a keyhole channel between Kandui Left and Baby Kandui.

The long boats are 45-50 feet long, and five to six feet wide. Because of the long boats’ sleek design, they cut through the chop better than any boats around, giving a smooth, comfortable and stable ride even through rough seas. Their construction is also very strong, using an entire tree the length of the boat for the body. The long boats all use three x 40 HP outboards, and go 20+ knots. They have canopies, comfortable padded seats, and all the safety gear, including life jackets, flares, GPS, EPIRB, and satellite phone contained in a Pelican case. Each boat brings a drinking water dispenser, and cooler with snacks, and drinks.

In a word: styling. In another word: safety. In a third word: speed.


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