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King Millenium II

The King Millenium II is an aluminium catamaran built in Australia in 1995 and refurbished in 2007. She is 19 m long with a beam of 7’5 m that has an average cruising speed of 12 knots going up to 15 knots and carries 12 clients in 4 large cabins featuring independent TV, DVD and air conditioning. The two bathrooms and the kitchen and the living room areas are outdoors. The large living area features a large couch, a plasma screen a WII gaming and a home cinema system. There are several resting areas from where to enjoy the scenic views such as the deck lounge area and the bow. The boat has an auxiliary dinghy to ferry the clients to the waves and the islands as well as a jet-ski for the clients to use (at an extra cost).

Standard trip 12 days, 11 full days of surfing
Price per person: USD 3,500
Min 7 people, max 12 people.
Exclusivity: People who want exclusivity will be charged for the whole boat

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The bridge is equipped with a satellite phone, GPS, sonar, radar, USB and a 16 channel radio. As far as safety is concerned, the boat is fitted with an ebirp or emergency signal, flares, lifejackets and a life raft for 20 people. We strongly recommend our guests to take travel insurance in case they need to be evacuated.

The on board chef prepares 3 meals per day plus a variety of snacks in between meals so all our guests can get a healthy diet. The meals are based around fresh local produce such as fish, fruit, vegetables, pasta and meat. The chef cooks both European and Asian cuisine so all our guests can get a glimpse of some delicious Indonesian food. We guarantee a comprehensive diet to cover the energetic expense of all our guests. Our guests are entitled as many fresh fruit juices, soft drinks and bottled water as they want within a reasonable limit. The package includes 2 daily beers; all extra beers are paid at local prices.

Our crew has a many years experience in boat trips. They all speak English and treat the guests such that they feel at home. We have been working for years with customers from all nationalities and combined (David and Poti) we have more than 20 years experience in the Mentawais. We speak fluently several languages (French, English, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese).

The Charter includes:
• The boat trip on the King Milllenium I and II, 11 surfing days, 12 nights.
• 3 meals a day, snacks, water, hot drinks, juice, soft drinks. Beer (two per day per passenger)
• Snorkelling gear, visits to the islands and fishing gear.
• Transport to & from: the airport, hotel and boat
• All the permits needed to go to Mentawai islands.
• Single bed in an air conditioned cabin
• First aid kit
• Use of the dinghy to ferry the passengers to the waves, to the beaches and islands or to go fishing.

The Charter does not include:
• Airline tickets
• Excess baggage or board fees.
• Extra costs due to delayed surf boards
• Personal pocket-money
• Personal travel insurance for accidents, injuries and medical costs (highly recommended).
• Indonesian departure tax fee at the airport
• Other meals except as specified above in 1.
• Alcoholic beverages (available on board at an extra cost)
• Digital photographic and video coverage (available at an extra cost)
• Transport to Padang in case of emergency (travel insurance recommended)
• Banking taxes

Use of the Jet Ski Use
• USD 2500 per group for the full trip
• USD 300 per day

Condition of use of the jet ski:
• Only the guide can authorize its use depending on sea and weather conditions.
• Unless the client is a seasoned jetski user (by the guide standards), it will not be used individually.

The jetski will be used for:
• Getting closer to the breaks
• Photographers and cameramen/film makers
• Short cruises near the boat
• Tow-in. In this case the guides will decided in which spot it can be used depending o crowds and safety for all.

Digital photographic and video coverage
Don’t forget to bring uour 8Gb Flash drive to get your photos/videos back home.
• Photo: USD 200 per person
• Video: USD 200 per person
• Special fare in case the customer wants both: USD 300 per person

Number of passengers per boat:
• KMI: Minimum 6, maximum 10
• KMII: Minimum 7, maximum 12
To book a trip down a payment of USD 625 (for KMI) or USD 900 (for KMII) of the total amount must be deposited; the remaining should be paid 45 days before the trip. If the payment has not been made before the end of this period, the client will forfeit the deposit and the reservation will be cancelled. No booking will be taken without the payment of the deposit.

Provisionally reserved dates with no deposit may be accepted for up to one week or until another client reserves such dates.

The operator will issue two invoices, one upon effective reservation and another at the beginning of the chartered trip.

Boat trips may take from 6 to a maximum of 12 passengers.

To book the trip a down payment of 25% of the total amount must be deposited, the remaining 75% should be paid 45 days before the trip. If payment is not effected before the end of this period, the client will forfeit the deposit and the reservation will be canceled.

Provisionally reserved dates with no deposit may be accepted for up to one week or until another client reserves such dates.

The operator will issue two invoices, one upon effective reservation and another at the beginning of the chartered trip.

Deposit> The deposit shall never be refunded.

Total amount> The total amount must be paid at least 45 days before the trip and will never be refunded.

Please note: There will be no reimbursements in the event of earthquakes, seaquakes, floods, global, national or political instability that do not directly affect the safety and security of the boat trip.

K.M reserves the right to change the vessel if for any reason the vessel booked is unavailable. The final price shall be adjusted to the alternative vessel’s features. In such cases, the client might be entitled to a limited rebate based on the price of the alternative vessel.

Payment of all or a part of the fees entails the client’s agreement to these terms and conditions.

Any extra hotel nights required shall be charged at 45USD per double room per night.

Responsibility of the Passengers towards KM Int’l. :
Clients undertake the following responsibilities before King Millenium enterprise and other members of the trip. All travellers must fully understand and undertake to comply with the rules and regulations under the contract. They must also bring suitable clothing and equipment for the voyage; they must also comply with standards of hygiene to prevent any health problems with fellow travellers (such as contagious diseases). They must show respectful behaviour towards fellow travellers as well as towards the staff and the crew on board.

Responsibility of KM Int’l. towards the Passengers :
Our aim is to offer the best possible surf trip and to this purpose we will go out of our way to make sure that this is achieved. We will assume all responsibilities for losses and/or damages proven to be caused by us or any one of our crew member. However, we are not responsible for any losses and/or damages caused by other passengers during the trip. We reserve the right to put ashore any passenger who fails to abide by our rules and any instructions that may be given during the trip, and/or any passenger whose physical or mental condition may cause trouble or threaten their own safety or that of others on board. No refunds shall be applicable in the event of such cases.

KM Intl. decides when and where to go for shelter in case of impending bad weather including the leaving Padang at a later date or returning to port before the scheduled date. Nevertheless, the passengers will be allowed to stay on board during the whole time, including meals.

Limited liability
KM INTL. shall not be held liable for inherent risks that may result in unfortunate accidents or incidents occurring during normal conditions of the chartered trip.

KM INTL. shall not be held liable for any injury, death, damages, loss, delay, expenses or incontinences that may arise during the trip the cause of which be beyond our control. We highly recommend that all our passengers undertake a travelling insurance including accidents and evacuation.


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