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Scar Reef

Scar Reef is one of Sumbawa’s best waves. It is a world class barrel that takes off like a freight train and has several backdoor sections.

Tucked up in the Alas Strait, it requires a large Southwest swell to start breaking properly. Due to the angle of the bay it is also offshore on the prevailing winter winds, however this does attract a few surfers.

Scar reef is a great left hand reef break that offers long, fast walls. When the swell is in the head high and above range, the tide Low, and the winds are light – this place can really really turn on. Probably not as sought after as it’s neighbour Super Suck, Scar Reef holds it’s own as an epic Indonesian reef. The name says something about the depth of the reef – it can get shallow through the inside. Scar reef is quite exposed to S swells and therefore generally always offers a wave when the swell is running – it really turns on however in a Big S swell serving long left hand tubes to weave down the line. An adveture to scar reef is always worth your while.

Sumbawa, West Timor and Sumba host a multitude of quality waves. Mostly shallow, left breaking reef breaks such as Super Suck and Scar Reef which are aptly named. These hoover up the in-season swells between April and October which swing up from the Roaring 40s and march south-west across the Indian Ocean. These combine with light trade winds blowing from the south-east and classic reef setups. Even during the off season when the trade winds switch to west and north-west there are still classic waves to be had especially on the pacific side and the swells are still regular. Sea temperatures remain steady at around 28°C or 82°F.


  • Scar Reef