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15 Types of Surfer You’ll Find on Beaches Around the World

Anyone who has ever ventured down to their local surf spot will know that they are home to a colourful bunch of people. Those who are surfers might even find themselves reading about one of the following characters thinking that it all sounds very familiar. And if you haven’t ever had the sheer joy of encountering these guys we suggest that you head on down to the beach with this guide in tow. It’s a little like birdwatching or train spotting but in our opinion far more entertaining. Enjoy!

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Local Tourist Destination Will Popular in 2014

A global travel search site, Skyscanner, predict a number of regions in Indonesia, which will begin to be a popular Indonesia tourist destination in 2014.

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Video: Locals Only At Pipeline

Wave Of The Winter, as you’re probs well aware, is a contest to find the best wave (see also: barrel) ridden between November 1 of last year and February 28 of this year. Here are a bunch of entries from the local boys. Guys like Kalani Chapman, Nathan Florence, Kai Henry, Sai Smiley, Kai Barger, Kamalei Alexander, Danny Fuller, Reef McIntosh, Koa and Makua Rothman, Flynn Novak, Mason Ho, Jamie O’Brien and John John Florence. The above compilation features most of the best entries from Hawaiian locals. There’s plenty of names in here but we won’t spoil the fun. Continue reading »

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Bleronk flying over Pererenan, Canggu-Pererenan, Bali-2844

Photos: December in Bali

December has arrived! We usually have a lot of rain and Westerly winds at this time of the year, but as we’ve mentioned before this year is rather unusual. Not that we’re complaining! Over the last few days we enjoyed a mid-size swell that brought Bali fun waves, 5-6ft at some breaks, and with the light Southerly winds we’ve been able to surf all day. The coconut wireless is buzzing with stories that it’s been barreling all over the island.

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Surfing’s 5 most fiercely protected local breaks

Surfing has always had its fiercely local breaks. It seems localism, where local surfers intimidate visiting surfers to discourage them from surfing “their” waves, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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Jeren's fins bust, Pererenan, Bali-1957

Photos: Bali Sessions November

The seasons are changing in Bali, we have a really hot couple of weeks and the Trade winds are no longer coming as we had in the last 4 months, the swells are also not as strong as before, but yes we are in Indo, waves are always perfect and fun. Check this photos from yesterday at Pererenan and tell us where you would rather be.

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Video: Bali Style Chapter II

Bali Sessions filmed last spring 2013 at Padang Padang, Desert Point, Keramas, Padma and Canggu with some local surfers.

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Video: Padang-Padang Sept 2013

Big open spaces hammering down the line at Padang Padang yesterday! After what’s been a slightly dissapointing couple of months of surf in Bali, the locals were finally treated to a decent Padang Padang swell.

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Video: Going Left with Bukit Locals and Legends

made this clip featuring Bali’s Bukit Peninsula locals including Made Lana, Ketut Pitur, Made Lapur, Agus Blacky, Alik Rudiarta, Tumbling Adjuzh, Mega Semadhi plus several international chargers including Ry Craike, Ozzie Wright, Alvaro Malpartida, Mr DP, and 2012 Rip Curl Padang Cup champion Chris Ward, ripping the left land….

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Video: Muklis Anwar – Daily Shred

Muklis Anwar loves to surf anywhere. He travels a lot, searching for either big or even small waves. Just for the joy of riding it.

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