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Video: Gabriel Medina – Hawaii

Brazil’s Gabriel Medina making it look too easy. Jump into an aerial masterclass with the world number one as he tears apart the North Shore, Hawaii. #SurfingIsEverything

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Video: Francisco Alves – ‘Mentawaiis Satisfaction’

Portuguese ripper Francisco Alvez just dropped this dreamy edit of his recent trip to the Mentawais this summer.

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Made Bol Adi Putra, Padang-padang, Aug24th-8965

Photos: Padang last Sunday – Did you miss it? Don’t miss the photos

Last Sunday we got to the beach around 11AM, and it was high tide. Waves were barely breaking with 2-3 ft sets coming through. Around 12:30 a good set of 3 or 4 waves barreled all the way to the channel and we decide to go out and snap some shots . A few minutes later some 8 footers were coming through producing what Padang is known for… Wide and heavy barrels. Check the photos and leave your comments.

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Gabriel Medina Wins Billabong Tahiti Pro in Epic Teahupo’o

The world’s best surfers put everything on the line as they battled the world’s most dangerous wave for an historic Finals day at the Billabong Pro Tahiti, stop no. 7 on the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT).

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Video: Tom Curren at J-Bay

That’s the trio we’re looking at here folks. Everything about it is badass. We can’t really endorse the board he rides at the 2:34 mark, but he’s Tom Curren and can do whatever the hell he wants. Revisit his perfect 10 in the heritage heat against Occy at 3:45. Then watch it again.

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Video: The ‘Bagus’ Life

If you can bare to drag yourself from the media frenzy that is The Tahiti Pro, the Indonesia season is still in full swing. Max Zappas paints a picture of the simple life in Bali. Warming up for the big swell this Sunday.

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Five Surfing Injuries You Probably Don’t Want

Due to the unpredictable nature of the environment we frolic in daily, surfers are getting injured all the time – including the professionals. During the Teahupo’o trials this past week, a ghastly wipeout forced Kevin Bourez into the reef headfirst. Following surgical treatment of head fractures and facial lacerations, he is now in a stable condition and on the road to recovery. While you shouldn’t let incidences like the above scare you, we thought it prudent to have a look at the various setbacks endured by some of our favourite surfing stars, how they recovered and what (not) to do if faced with a similar situation.

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Video: Wrap Up – Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang 2014

Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang 2014: Best Waves in the 11 year history of the event! Prepare to have your mind blown as you watch Indonesia’s finest wave being charged by an International field of Tube riding specialists. Led by Rip Curl’s top team rider Garut Widiarta, these Tunnel Kings hold nothing back as the Indian ocean throws everything she’s got at them!

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Padang Padang 2014 Final 16

Fairytale Ending at pumping Rip Curl Padang for Garut Widiarta

Dreams do come true and they certainly did today for Bali’s Garut Widiarta in the most spectacular waves seen in the Rip Curl Cup’s 11 year history.

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Video: Oney Anwar Chasing the Dream

This new film documents the rise of Oney Anwar from a humble village kid to Indonesia’s most promising professional surfer. Intensively researched, and edited in a documentary style Chasing The Dream provides an insight into the challenges faced by a talented Indonesian kid with eleven brothers and sisters who wants to be the first surfer from Indonesia to surf on the WCT.

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