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Video: Luke Hynd – Last Nights Leftovers

Perhaps this clip, called Last Night’s Leftovers, will further that awareness. Shot in Sri Lanka, Indo, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Gold Coast, Master Hynd’s surfing is proper fire, here. The barrels towards the biz end of the clip are rather amazing.

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Rip Curl Renews With Owen Wright And Tom Curren

On the eve of the World Surf League kickoff on the Gold Coast this week, Rip Curl is stoked to announce new long term sponsorship agreements with hard-ripping goofy footer Owen Wright and 3 x World Champion Tom Curren.

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Video: More Cyclone Marcia With Medina, Jordy, Kolohe

Cyclone Marcia took up residence on Australia’s East Coast and delivered a consistent train of swell to Queensland’s most famous Pointbreak. This particular edit features Gabriel Medina, Dingo Morrison, Jordy Smith and Kolohe Andino (among others), with Kolohe knifing some particularly long tubs to close.

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Video: Owen Wright on The Search in South Africa

Follow Owen as he scores some cheeky left-handers and some grinding right points on The Search in South Africa.

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Video: Oney Anwar – Land Of Pleasure

Watch the last edit of Indonesian pride surfers, Oney Anwar in his homeland Lakey Peak.

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Video: Mick, Dane, Freddy P, Owen Wright Score Cyclone Marcia

Cyclone Marcia has left some devastating marks on most of the mid to North Queensland, as for the South it has brought nothing but pure epicness the last 5 days. Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds, Mitch Parkinson, Freddy P, Owen Wright and more star in this latest clip from filmmaker, Jackson O’Brien.

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Video: Rip Curl Groms In Hawaii

The North Shore never gets old. Especially when you’re between 11-18 years of age. The Rip Curl USA grom team embarked back to the 7-mile miracle in search of spitting barrels, perfect ramps, and memories that last a lifetime.  The boys and girls got all that they asked for as the waves produced and the laughs were endless. With the help of North Shore pro’s Kekoa Bacalso & Mikey Bruneau the team was always in the right spot to score the wave of the day.  As the trip came to a close, shaka’s were thrown, mahalo’s were expressed, and the aloha vibes showed exactly why #SurfingIsEverything.

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Five Rivalries Surfing Needs Right Now

Friendly competition will push a sport to a whole new level. But a rivalry? That’ll shove it along. Simply put, a rivalry is the catalyst for progression in a sport. Not so simply put, nothing compares to a good old fashioned hot-blooded vendetta between two elite masters of a certain sport.

Surfing is a sport – yeah, we said it – and it thrives off rivalries just like any other competitive endeavor. And, honestly, how good are rivalries for the fan? So without further ado, here are five rivalries surfing needs right now.

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Bethany Hamilton Announces She’s Pregnant

Famous Pro surfer and husband Adam Dirks announce that their first baby, a boy, is due in June; ‘I’ve always looked forward to one day being a mom’.

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Video: Jules Thomet – Surfing Is Everything

Jules Thomet’s one minute and 59 seconds is no exception. Here’s one of RC’s favourite Frenchman, out at Biarritz ’till the sun goes down.

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